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Kevin Godley and Lol Creme met while at art school. They performed as a duo in the late 60s called Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon. Kevin and Lol formed Hotlegs in the early 70s with Eric Stewart, and with the additon of frequent collaborator Graham Gouldman, Hotlegs became 10cc.


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    You don't know how to ease my pain
    You don't know...
    You don't know how to ease my pain
    You don't know what the sound is darlin'?
    It's the sound of my tears falling
    Cry  -  157,100 plays
    Demented New York athletes staggering round the block
    Deforned Chicanos pour in, Chicago's rolling stock
    Digital bathrooms drilling for furs
    Surgical stockings marked his and hers
    Guggenheim attitudes back to back
    An Englishman in New York  -  36,708 plays
    I was standing in the station
    being pounded by the rain
    so I chose the last compartment
    of a stationary train
    felt someone get in behind me
    Under Your Thumb  -  32,934 plays
    I should have told you all I wanted was to have some fun
    (to have some fun)
    but you wanted me to be the permanent one
    (the permanent one)
    yes you did
    Wedding Bells  -  17,749 plays
  5. A Little Piece of Heaven  -  7,140 plays
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