Get Set Go


Get Set Go is the project of singer-songwriter Michael Torres, initially formed as a band in 2002 in Highland Park, Los Angeles. The group, at first being compirsed of vocalist/guitarist Michael (AKA Mike TV), bassist Patrick "Dr. Modo" Flores, and drummer Amy Wood, were signed onto 80's dance novelty label TSR Records and issued their debut full-length So You've Ruined Your Life in 2003 with little to no fanfair. By 2004, Wood and Flores left the group and Mike became a depressed drug addict. Mike eventually kicked his addiction problems though, and by 2006 the band was in full swing again with new members and issued their second full-length Ordinary World. In 2014, Mike moved out to Austin, Texas, and Get Set Go now acts as his solo bedroom project. Before this, the band had a revolving door of members. In 2011, the group set up the online digital indie label Square Tire Music. The group is mostly known for having their songs (such as "Wait") appear on shows like Grey's Anatomy and Weeds.

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