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1. Fluke are an electronic band formed in 1988 at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK, by Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler and Mike Tournier. The group are noted for their diverse range of electronic styles spanning the house, techno, ambient and blues genres.


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  1. Atom Bomb  -  351,067 plays
    Little Suzie cruising for some love and affection
    Arm in arm with everyone been charming the nation
    Cindy picks the wallets for her friends medications
    As willing patient Julie sit and wait for attention
    Lucy's got a uniform for every occasion
    Snapshot  -  290,516 plays
  3. Absurd  -  308,881 plays
  4. Zion  -  344,395 plays
  5. Kitten Moon  -  149,532 plays
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