Floating Action


Seth Kaufman, the unsuspecting man behind the band Floating Action, lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and maybe more than it usually would, that piece of biographical information about him says a lot. He lives there, in one of the prettiest cities in this great and great big old country, cuddled up against the Blue Ridge Mountains, and he takes advantage of all of its splendors, it seems. He greedily and voraciously fills his available time with hiking and wiffle ball games, picnics and other outdoorsy activities that no matter how much any jerk will want to argue with you, are the very elements of the good life. He's a man who probably burns very easily, but he throws himself into nature, even when he's traveling and exploring the rest of America, visiting Missoula on tour and rafting on a river until the sun's well past its setting and the insects have begun their calisthenics and vocal exercises for anyone who wants to watch and listen. He believes in this thing called the good life and in just writing that and thinking about the various things that he values, it's abundantly clear that those are truly aspirations - seeking that old-fashioned good life in the simplest and most assessable of pursuits - from an older time, a generation of hard-working people who didn't feel as if they always needed to be working. It's of a generation of people who worked to afford themselves bread and milk, a roof over their heads and evenings and weekends to get together with their neighbors, close friends and family and enjoy their company anyway they could think of. These pursuits of well-earned rest and relaxation are those that clash violently with the adopted mentality of working overtime all the time so it's really just normal and never being too far removed from a gadget or glowing white screen. There's no moderation to our sad commitment to working and working if only for a more heaping collection of green pieces of paper.

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