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Fil, Mike, Matt and Tim formed a band, then simply called "Flashlight", out of boredom and frustration and quickly moved from the small college town of Guelph to the much larger Toronto, Ontario. At first, they were unable to get the attention of nightclub owners, so they devised a fictitious talent agency, called the Harry Wells Booking Agency, which would "represent" them. With the agency as their intermediate, they quickly gained enough recognition to go on tour.


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    staying in, fading fast
    call some friends, have a laugh
    about the things we used to think were coming
    stories same, nothing fits
    get in late, call it quits
    I'm a Human  -  21,478 plays
    I got a 20 sider on call
    dressed up and ready to roll
    I got the real world blinded
    dressed up and ready to roll
    Midnight, torchlight down in the haunted cave.
    Ready To Roll  -  19,395 plays
    When tomorrow comes
    I'll be on my own
    Feeling frightened of
    The things that I don't know
    When tomorrow comes
    Save It For Later  -  5,593 plays
    What a day what a cold and unforgiving grey
    Won't give me a chance
    Cast a chill, she was cold as ice and dressed to kill
    Froze me with a glance
    So now do you recall the Twist and Crawl and all the games?
    Patricia  -  5,581 plays
    Tell me all about how things will never go too far
    Situation normal you're still living in the dark
    You don't seem to care that I don't have that much to say
    Gives you more time to blather on about your boring fucking day
    Oh my I don't know why I really hope you go and die
    Go And Die  -  6,216 plays
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