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    please explain a couple of things to me
    how could you leave and then turn your back on me
    if only we said goodbye, maybe then i would respect my life
    in the end i am so ashamed of what you did
    you said that you would never leave, i didnt even see you go
    The Gift - (2:50)  -  1,476 plays
    Had enough, listen up, this is it, starting again [repeat]
    Don't you overlook the quiet ones, the ones who won't say
    Had enough, listen up, this is it, starting again
    You have too much time on your hands
    It will force you to understand
    Pathetic - (4:07)  -  1,558 plays
    you put me on a shelf how could i possibly have ever climbed so high
    no different from yourself theres not a thing that we cant do if we'd just try
    oh it feels like i can send my thoughts across the sky
    this doesnt make much sense you are deluded with your images of me
    we are all present tense there is no restraint on what we all can be
    Seem to Be Fine - (4:09)  -  434 plays
    From the wreckage I pick up the pieces of my life
    It's all around me ripped to shreds, I'm wounded and that's why
    This time I'm taking mine, I will not wait in line
    I'll bite the hand that feeds me, I will do what I must to survive
    This time I'm taking mine, I will not wait in line
    Wait in Line - (3:33)  -  351 plays
    As I try to find my way, this broken compass seems to lead so much further away
    To live and breath another day, to see the things that I have seen, only a few of us may
    Reap the rewards of life, so much is missing or mistaken, so much doesn't seem right
    Please guide me through this maze, engulfed by the gutters, trapped in this haze
    So sick of this mess I'm in, far away from all the people that they really want me to be
    Broken Compass - (3:52)  -  303 plays
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