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Fenix TX (styled as Fenix*TX) is an American pop punk band. The band originally formed as Riverfenix in 1995 in Houston, Texas. They released an EP, G.B.O.H., and an album, Riverfenix, on independent record labels, before having to change their name due to a cease and desist order from the estate of actor River Phoenix. Following the change of name, they signed with major label MCA Records in 1999. On MCA, they released two further albums, 1999's Fenix TX and 2001's Lechuza, which collectively sold over 600,000 units, prior to breaking up in 2002 over creative differences.[1]


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    And if there's nothing left to say
    I'll string you along until I get my way
    Use all those subtle inquiries
    Like I want to know if you aim to please
    And if you want to dance
    Threesome  -  273,304 plays
    I guess we've had our fun but it seems our fun is over now
    And that's all right
    It's all right
    Time for me to move along and after all is said and done
    And I'll be all right
    All My Fault  -  257,730 plays
    Don't wanna hang around anyone today
    I'm sick of playing the same old games
    Cause I know I can't win them anyway
    And I will dream a different lie
    Stuck in between her thighs and wonder just when I will meet her
    Phoebe Cates  -  246,675 plays
    Well I know that it's late but the words wouldn't wait
    I'm really sorry that I woke you up
    I don't know what's come over me
    If I'm wrong let me know
    Do you think I should go
    A Song For Everyone  -  118,721 plays
    Politically correct and mentally erect
    I'm doing everything I can to conserve the best
    But life ain't nothin but a bowl a grits
    And this United States proud crap makes me sick
    People tell me go make a name for yourself
    Minimum Wage  -  106,742 plays
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