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Faster Pussycat

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    It's a little past supper time
    I'm still out on the porch steps sittin' on my behind,
    Waiting for you.
    Wondrin' if everything's alright,
    Moma said,"Come in boy, don't waste your time,"
    House Of Pain - (5:40)  -  3,925 plays
    "Bathroom Wall" as recorded by
    Faster Pussycat
    Saw your number written on the wall
    Said for a good time call Call 281-7668
    Hey baby I can't wait I got your number off the bathroom wall
    Bathroom Wall - (3:40)  -  2,907 plays
    Before I turn on my lover, gotta turn on my stereo
    And it goes in better with a little bit of rock and roll
    Now I'm easing to my pleasing by the candlelight
    I'm slippin' on a stack of black wax and then I call it a night
    I started groovin' and she started movin'
    Don't Change That Song - (3:37)  -  1,249 plays
    Livin' in L.A. is so much a fun
    Boy you is ugly and your girlfriend weighs a ton
    We was sittin' in our car in a traffic jam
    And some tourist started screamin'
    "Hey, ain't you that guy in Wham?"
    Babylon - (3:46)  -  1,297 plays
    Baby, baby why won't you let me be
    You're a major pain in the ass, I do need the hassle can't ya see
    Please I need some piece of mind
    That I was hoping I could find
    But you just kept a buggin
    Poison Ivy - (6:50)  -  1,102 plays
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