Fading Colours



Well, everything started in 1986 in Boleslawiec, Poland (near Jelenia Gora). Brothers Leszek and Krzysztof Rakowski, together with Piotr Jerominow and Pawel Nowak, created the band "Bruno The Questionable." The name was taken from the movie "Jabberwocky" by Monty Python. The music was like American hard core - dark and heavy. In 1988, after two years of hard work, the band debuted at the most important Polish rock festivals - at "Jarocin ' 88," "Out Of Control (Warsaw)," and "New Stage (Gdynia)." They won them all! At Jarocin, they took the 'price of public' prize, and the possibility to record three songs for "Polish Scout Radio." It helped them to debut on the media circuit. They then became frequent guests at Polish rock festivals. Additionally, at the same time, the compilation Jarocin 88" was out. On this compilation were some songs from Bruno The Questionable.

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