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Eyedea (born Micheal Larsen on November 9, 1981 – October 16, 2010) was a well-known freestyle battle champion and underground hip-hop emcee. His notable wins include the televised Blaze Battle sponsored by HBO (2000) and a victory at Scribble Jam (1999).


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    I got a little story to tell
    See it was September 1st, 1999, the day of my death
    My back was on the cold concrete as I take my last breath
    Saw my body laying on the ground as my soul hovered above me
    Step by Step  -  41,806 plays
    Why they always looking at me, like there's something on my face man
    No matter where I go, I'm always feeling out of place
    And I know I'm not your regular I got a different taste
    Probably 'cause most my life, spent right in my basement
    Weird Side  -  42,985 plays
    Everyone knew she was a special young girl
    From her neighbors to her teachers
    Some labeled her a prodigy, others called her a genius
    It was amazing the way she could play the violin
    It made it hard for people to believe that she was only ten
    Bottle Dreams  -  40,832 plays
    I'm here to break my own ball and chain
    Holding the plight to be completely sane
    Nothings to gain if image blocks the only chance for change
    When I expand my range the world shares it's judges
    But don't think music defines my character
    The Many Faces of Oliver Hart  -  32,552 plays
  5. Song About a Song  -  27,728 plays
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