Eskorbuto (Scurvy), a punk band. They lived fast and died faster. Furiously independent, they came from Santurce (near Bilbao, Basque Country). The band was made up by Jualma Suarez (bass and vocals), Iosu Exposito(guitar, vocals) and Paco Galan (drums) in 1980. They rapidly gained recognition in the basque punk circles in the early 80's thanks to their devastating gigs. Their music was highly inspirational, agressive, dark and full of the blackest humour,death being a recurrent theme. They never made any concessions to anybody and maybe cause of that made quite a few enemies (they were arrested many times on account of their music and looks). They represented the purest and rawest side of punk, but most important: they were real and genuine. Sadly, their extreme lifestyle lead to Jualma and Iosu's deaths in 1993 (Jualma within six months of Iosu). They released a string of essential albums in the 80's.

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