Emerson Drive

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Emerson Drive, is a country music band which started out in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada in 1995. They received the 2002 Billboard Music Award for New Country Artist Of The Year. Their albums include Emerson Drive, What If?, and Countrified. Members of Emerson Drive are Brad Mates (lead vocals), David Pichette (fiddle), Danick Dupelle (lead guitar), Mike Melancon (drums) and Dale Wallace (keyboards). Mates is the only member of the band that now hails from Alberta, while the other members hail from British Columbia (Wallace) & Quebec (Dupelle, Melancon, & Pichette).


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    Right here waiting
    Staying strong
    Come and
    Fall into me
    You say you've turned it off
    Fall Into Me  -  152,774 plays
    I never knew there were such great movies on TV at 3 a.m.
    I'd never guessed that at midnight Tuesday, I could have pizza ordered in
    I've never been a real night owl but these days I'm all turned 'round
    There's only one thing I'm sure of right now
    I should be sleeping instead of keeping
    I Should Be Sleeping  -  114,775 plays
    Lazy yellow moon comin' up tonight
    Shinin' through the trees
    Crickets are singin' and lightning bugs
    Are floatin' on the breeze
    Baby get ready...
    Fishin' In The Dark  -  63,419 plays
    Ridin' restless under broken sky, weary traveler, somethin' missin' inside
    Always lookin' for a reason to turn around
    Desperate for a little peace of mind, just a little piece of what I left behind
    Well, I found it now, you're like coming home
    You're like a Sunday mornin', pleasin' my eyes
    You're Like Coming Home  -  53,691 plays
    (Richard Marx/David Cole/Pat Allingham/Patrick Bourque/ Danick Dupelle/Brad Mates/Mike Melancon)
    I watch the way he looks at you
    He don't see you like I do
    He never speaks the words I long to say
    He don't know that what he's got
    If You Were My Girl  -  46,240 plays
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