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Country singer/songwriter Elizabeth Cook made her debut on Grand Ole Opry on March 17, 2000, appearing repeatedly thereafter -- a remarkable achievement considering that, at the time, she was an indie artist with no radio airplay. But such was the excitement generated by her clear, beautiful voice, strong songwriting ability, and live performances, all of which have drawn comparisons to younger, critically respected artists like Kelly Willis and legends such as Dolly Parton. She has released six albums to date; The Blue Album (2000), Hey, Y'all (2002), This Side of the Moon (2005), Balls (2007), Welder (2010), and Gospel Plow (2012).


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    Well, I'm crazy 'bout you baby,
    it don't do no good,
    I could tell it to the movie
    out in Hollywood.
    I'd tell it when I'm sober
    All The Time  -  8,552 plays
    I know this guy, he’s all wrong for me
    He wears shirts that are trippin on LSD
    I must be high as a kite on diesel fumes
    He got me sportin’ bell bottoms and braids to school
    I never thought he’d get this far
    El Camino  -  10,024 plays
    Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman
    Standing up to a test, while wearing a party dress
    Sometimes looks can be deceiving when you're quietly over-achieving
    Yeah sometimes it takes balls to be a woman
    She's a socialite, a decent housewife and she makes a mean lasagna
    Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman  -  7,902 plays
    She asked for her mama’s bathrobe
    And a pot of potato soup
    She’s gonna dry out this time if it kills her
    She wants the whole family in the loop
    She can outsmart death like a stuntman
    Heroin Addict Sister  -  5,996 plays
    Who's the girl inside of the blue screen light?
    The sun is just pouring out, everything's out of site
    Turn around, the room is just black and white
    She's whispering nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
    Not California  -  4,821 plays
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