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Edwin McCain (born January 20, 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an alternative and indie rock guitar player. While his albums are released under his name, he does have a permanent band, referred to as the Edwin McCain Band. Members of the band as of 2007 include Larry Chaney, lead guitar; Pete Riley, rhythm guitar and background vocals; Craig Shields, saxophone and keyboards; Manny Yames, bass guitar; and Peter Alexander, drums.


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    The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
    Stop me and steal my breath
    And emeralds from mountains thrust toward the sky
    Never revealing their depth
    And tell me that we belong together
    I'll Be  -  934,362 plays
    Lying here with you
    Listening to the rain
    Smiling just to see
    The smile upon your face
    These are the moments
    I Could Not Ask for More  -  216,695 plays
    Whispered from my heart and soul to my unwilling eyes
    Lift my vision from the ground lift it to the sky
    Skies they used to be so ugly rain that stings my face
    Opens up their glory just earth and sky and space
    And your passionate embraces absolve me of my sin
    See The Sky Again  -  103,609 plays
    Ol' Babe Ruth, he was a drunkard just like me
    He lived it high, and he lived it low
    Staggered down the New York streets
    They throw him out the pub, when he raised a little too much hell
    And then he lay his big fat head down at the
    Gramercy Park Hotel  -  34,210 plays
  5. Broke Down Hearted Wonderland  -  37,555 plays
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