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Edith Frost is an American singer-songwriter who describes her music as "pensive countrified psychedelia". Born in San Antonio, Texas on August 18, 1964, Frost moved to Brooklyn in 1990 where she played in the country bands the Holler Sisters, the Marfa Lights and Edith and Her Roadhouse Romeos.


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    Everywhere I go reminds me
    Of someplace down in Texas
    And every time I close my eyes
    I dream of my old home
    And oh it's gettin' so cold ‘round here
    Cars and Parties  -  18,287 plays
    I sing the blues most every night
    And i wait for the one i lost
    He snuck into my secret files
    And he read my mind
    He belongs to someone
    Temporary Loan  -  12,547 plays
    I don't know what to do about you
    I don't know what to do about you
    I learned a lot of rules from the Bible baby
    But I wonder wonder what I should do
    I wonder wonder what I should do
    Wonder Wonder  -  11,945 plays
    I hope you don't mind, if the illest words you ever heard, flow through me right about now. Now that you're here. Glad you tuned in. Please turn to God. Listen, I got a vision.
    Verse 1:
    Ain't it about time that we start livin this life by leadin as examples. (yeah) Before this world that exists ends up rottin to the core by one bad apple.(umm) From my block to Bancock, it's a mighty big world much further than the eye can see.(yeah) That's no excuse for you and I to think what if things still don't afect you and me. The things we don't see. I think we need to recognize.
    Who (who) who (oh yea) who who (who you) who who (if you don't recognize). Who (who) who (oh oh) who who (who) who who.
    Who  -  9,933 plays
    Better watch your step
    Better watch your step
    You'll be puttin' my heart on hold
    Better hold your breath
    Better hold your breath
    On Hold  -  8,528 plays
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