Eddy Raven

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Born: August 19, 1945, Lafayette, LA


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  1. I Got Mexico  -  20,053 plays
    Hope you like the way I talk
    The way I smile, the way I walk
    Hope you're in to how I dress
    The way I think and all the rest
    'Cause, I'm gonna get you
    I'm Gonna Get You  -  8,566 plays
  3. Joe Knows How to Live  -  6,441 plays
  4. In A Letter To You  -  5,610 plays
    Passion in the backseat, parked out in the cane
    Ever since the first time, I ain't ever been the same
    I gave up on baseball and I threw down my glove
    I discovered girls and I got into love
    Me and my friend Aldo, he's the one who had the car
    Bayou Boys  -  4,645 plays
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