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Ed Gein is a three piece band from Syracuse, NY, which formed in 2001. Each of the three members (guitar, drums, and bass) shared vocal duties equally on the first two albums (It's a Shame a Family Can Be Torn Apart by Something as Simple as a Pack of Wild Dogs and Judas Goats and Dieseleaters). Drummer Jesse Daino later decided that he no longer wanted to contribute vocals and the vocal parts will be split between guitarist Graham Reynolds and bassist Aaron Jenkins on the upcoming album, Bad Luck.


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    How could you be content
    To drift through life never questioning
    Sticking your head in the sand
    Whenever you see something you dont like
    If you cant see it then its not there right
    A Way to Kill Old People  -  52,336 plays
    I can see it in your eyes. You've finally learned your lesson.
    I could forgive and forget. But its too little, too late. I could say "I told you so." But I think a big old "fuck you" is much more appropriate.
    I Wish You the Best...  -  48,776 plays
    She's a dead horse.
    There's no sense in beating her into the ground.
    She's a dead horse.
    Accept it and move on.
    No matter how many times you kick her in the chest she will not take another breath. And don't let the twitches fool you.
    Beating a Dead Horse  -  41,914 plays
    Light up another one, you inconsiderate shit head
    You're infringing on my right to breathe clean air
    For all of us who like our lungs the way they are
    Go smoke a shotgun instead
    The Marlboro Man Is a Douche Bag  -  38,740 plays
  5. Robert Flaig  -  39,078 plays
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