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Earl Stevens (born November 15, 1967 in Vallejo, California) is best known by his stage name E-40. Stevens is "known" by the new generation of hip-hop as a Hyphy rapper from the Bay Area of California. However, E-40 is also an old school veteran who has done collabos with rap icons such as Tupac Shakur, Too $hort, Lil' Jon, C-BO, Snoop Dogg, Spice 1, Richie Rich, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, The Luniz, The Outlawz, and many more.


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    I flipped a Lexi, speed up and catch me
    Lexus of Concord, reached out and touched me
    Some of you hoe fake ass niggas like Roz, be messy
    I know some beautiful black intelligent women, they're sexy
    E-40's back and actin' black and
    Da Bumble  -  41,272 plays
    Mmm, this bitch act like she gonna do something
    I about to get me some of this Cuerve man
    Finally go up to this bitch man got my motherfuckin' helmet man
    I'm finally get me some pussy, I'm gonna get some pussy, yes sir
    Outta Bounds  -  24,414 plays
    (Keak Da Sneak & E-40)
    Ford, Oldsmo's & Chevy's,(muscle cars) General Motors and my Dodge Hemi, (muscle cars) 67'-Cuts, Stangs, Cougars. (muslce cars) In trafic, Falcons, 90' Chavel's, Caprice Classics.(musle cars)
    Not out of da' local news paper, but out da' AutoTrader. Cleaner, than virgin cuchie, my nigg', one owner Cutlass, playa'. The beat wrapped, monster cables, the speakers thump'n. Trunk sound'n like , King Kong and Godzilla, back there thump'n. All we do is drink, and get high and petal and push! Organic weed, mystery weed, just purple cush!' I cut the da' rear weld, on my whip, and filled dat bitch up', and now muscle car sit'n up high like a monster truck. Monstered up', suck up to none'. Don't be no poodle, split his pack open like pack of Top Roman Noodle. In the heart of the soil, where you can find me. Try me fuck boi', and get your face put on a White-T. 40, Turf Talk and Keak da Sneak, the maynee' ass voices, and them style's, hekka' unique. High speed chase's and run'n lights. Water in da' duals, make loud glass pipes.
    Muscle Cars  -  26,174 plays
    Tell me when to go, tell me when to go
    Tell me when to go, tell me when to go
    Go, dumb, go, dumb, go, dumb, go, dumb
    Go, dumb, go, dumb, go, dumb, go, dumb
    Tell me when to go, tell me when to go
    Tell Me When To Go  -  72,317 plays
    [Verse 1]
    Heavyweight, a vet not an amateur (What else?)
    Looted up, I pushed pies like Marie Calendar (What you gonna do?)
    Shoot it up if I must, take over shop
    Get out the car and walk, sneak up on partner and do a dome-shot
    Yay Area  -  57,457 plays
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