Dying Fetus

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Dying Fetus are a death metal band from Annapolis, Maryland (USA). The group formed in 1991 and have, ever since, had frontman John Gallagher as the driving force for every release the group has done and performed on. Dying Fetus is known for their consistently hook-laden song structures, characterized by blast beats, complex riffing and heavy breakdowns. Additionally, their reality-based lyrics characterized by political / social themes are notable in grindcore. The band are one of the forerunner bands to popularize the slam movement in grindcore. Even the band's earliest material on their first demo tapes contain slams.Former members went on to form Misery Index and separately Criminal Element. Frontman Gallagher stated that the band name was chosen when the members were still teens and was "intended to be offensive."


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    Lost my faith in justice
    Time does not heal this pain
    Defiled my existence
    Recurring nightmare
    There's no consolation
    Homicidal Retribution  -  207,961 plays
  2. Your Treachery Will Die WIth You  -  200,686 plays
    Provocation undeclared, like cowards they advance, attacking the unarmed
    Campaign of dishonor, calculated violence inflicted on civilians
    Narrow-minded wrath, self-righteous anger, acting out intolerance
    Damning themselves, accursed adversaries of God-given liberty
    Terror, innocent life destroyed by
    One Shot, One Kill  -  150,617 plays
    Who does the earth belong to?
    The human termites spreading lies.
    The people have to make a decision,
    but they're too busy dying to try and realize.
    Who controls their future,
    Destroy the Opposition  -  128,154 plays
    The media is a tool designed to mold us into slaves
    Drugging us into an empty apathetic daze
    The trick is that we think that everything is going fine
    But the truth to our reality is buried in the mind
    I don't give a fuck about the Hollywood elite
    Pissing In the Mainstream  -  131,590 plays
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