Dim Mak

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Dim Mak is a band featuring former Ripping Corpse members Scott Ruth and Shaune Kelley, bassist Scot Hornick, and drummer John Longstreth (ex-Origin, Skinless, Angelcorpse). The original incarnation of the band featured Ruth and Kelley alongside other Ripping Corpse members Dennis Carroll and Brandon Thomas (also of The Dying Light), and this version of the band released the albums Enter The Dragon and Intercepting Fist, two technically accomplished albums of metal fury that sounded quite original for a metal band at the time.


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  1. Knives Of Ice  -  7,184 plays
  2. Seeing Crows In Silver  -  6,515 plays
  3. Great Worm Of Hell  -  5,503 plays
  4. Devil Finding Mirror  -  4,901 plays
  5. Incident At The Temple Leng  -  5,178 plays
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