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Daz Dillinger

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  1. Stay Out The Way (feat. Snoop Dogg) - (3:39)  -  500 plays
    In California 4X
    AndltDaz overlapping Lady Vandgt
    Rollin' down Crenshaw Boulevard
    Starin' at these suckas who claim to be hard
    Daz Dillinger and the Gang
    In California - (5:06)  -  229 plays
    Now as I'm rollin' with my niggaz through the neighborhood
    I don't like to dream about gettin' paid and feelin' good
    I don't like to brag or boast, this West Coast to the utmost
    Daz and Kurupt kush'd out, blowin' on the best smoke
    Dippin' in the Magnum, dat nigga Daz smashin'
    Money On My Mind - Feat. Kurupt - (4:17)  -  324 plays
    Y'all know this is So So, yeah
    I got trees in a Jar 23's on a car
    You can bleed if I star we on the boulevard
    Got straps simple as dat hand on the trigger
    Need 30 mo' oh's to add to these figures
    On Some Real - (4:11)  -  249 plays
    To the adult world the casual violonce of gang life was horrifing
    But in the distorted world of gangs risking death by getting shot was one sure way of winning a gangs respect
    I was shot when I was 15 or 16
    (shots fired in the area gang fight in the parking lot)
    When my longs collapsed uhm.. the the 22 is still lodge in my chest to dis day
    Street Gangs - (1:57)  -  144 plays
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