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Born Daniel Sewell on March 16, 1981, Danny Brown is a hip-hop artist from the Dexter-Linwood area of Detroit, Michigan. Danny is an unconventional hip-hop artist who employs multiple flows and cadences, thus the moniker “The Hybrid”. His style varies from low pitched gravelly tones to a manic, high-pitched squawk. His lyrics often deal with the truth of living in Detroit: poverty, drug abuse, desperate circumstances, etc. and his own experiences in the motor city, from selling drugs to underground parties in Detroit’s rave scene. He is known for juxtaposing those topics with a humorous narrative told ferociously over avant-garde production choices.


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    Remember when my first meal was school lunch
    Now I spit a 16 straight with no punch
    Remember all for dinner all we ate was Captain Crunch
    Now we blow big blunts on the way to brunch
    Went from good fella to commissary slips
    Grown Up  -  730,469 plays
  2. 25 Bucks (feat. Purity Ring)  -  505,279 plays
    Dip, I dip, you dip, dip, I dip, you dip, I dip
    Dip, I dip, you dip, dip, I dip, you dip, I dip
    Dip, you dip, I dip, dip, you dip, I dip, you dip
    Dip, I dip, you dip, dip, I dip, you dip, I dip
    Don't let me into my zone, don't let me into my zone
    Dip  -  433,391 plays
    Colder than them grits they fed slaves
    Me to rap is like water to raves
    AK's with bayonets on deck
    Rep my set
    XXX  -  466,091 plays
    [Verse 1]
    The Hybrid smoking on papaya
    That give you niggas bronchitis, what you write is all vagina
    What I write is Wall of China
    Nigga that's great like 8ths of grape ape stuffed in my suitcase
    Monopoly  -  433,738 plays
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