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damhnait’s latest cd, “Lights Down Low,” is a spectacular showcase for “dav, the vocal powerhouse” … not to be confused with “dav, the songwriter,” “dav, the budding director,” or any of her other multiple-threat incarnations. Although we haven’t officially seen her dance yet (and she assures us we never will), the fancy footwork required to pull off a new recording while working with Kim Stockwood as Shaye, writing in Nashville and Toronto, and continuing her weekly column for “The Telegram” is certainly worthy of honourable mention.


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  1. I Want You to Want Me  -  34,456 plays
    Somewhere there's a sea that has no other side
    Somewhere there's an airplane lost beyond the sky
    So fly us up above the clouds
    Live your life, where you are now
    In the darkness round the sun
    Darkness Round The Sun  -  16,211 plays
  3. Everlong  -  5,296 plays
    Chase that dream
    Down the highway
    Don't care where
    It's going my way
    Sky on top
    Just The Beginning  -  6,750 plays
  5. Love Will Tear Us Apart  -  2,999 plays
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