Copy Haho


Copy Haho are a band from Stonehaven in Scotland. You probably won’t have heard of it, but in the Wikipedia era that’s easily rectified. In short; home to the deep fried Mars Bar, the inventor of the fountain pen and Mel Gibson’s adaptation of ‘Hamlet’. Easy way to remember this; an anti-Semite’s arteries clogged with greasy ink. Anyway, don’t think about conjuring an image of four small town guys easily impressed by big lights and the idea of 24 hour supermarkets, because all but one of the band now live in actual, bonafide cities. The other has visited actual, bonafide cities in the past. It’d be easy to say that coming from a small town resulted in isolation or an insular method of working. Growing up with Napster and Megabuses to Glasgow somewhat dilutes this claim. To summarise so far – band, four friends, small town (not a hindrance, not romanticised).

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