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City of Caterpillar

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City of Caterpillar was an American band, from Richmond, Virginia formed in 2000. They released a split with pg. 99, a split with System 2600, a full length album, and an album-length compilation of their demo and some live tracks. Their music moves from technical to restrained in a matter of seconds, often showcasing the prowess of their drummer. City of Caterpillar's music brings a great deal of focus to its dynamics, using (yet expanded upon) the standard emo formula pioneered by bands like Indian Summer, as well as the epic, dirgelike qualities of Portraits of Past, Maximillian Colby and Sleepytime Trio. Like these bands, they often use the entire band to crescendo into a huge cathartic climax, whereas, Indian Summer's dynamics often paralleled the whisper/scream vocal pattern which many emo bands have become entangled in.


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    The biggest reason that makes the sound, memorable episodes by themselves are found by kissing or frowns or interior fucking laughs. So explain yourself. Pick your purpose. Is it honest love or just honest reactions? 3 months of the honest truth. 3 months for 3 cruel words. You made me a hero. The end is written clear. Softly spoken flirtation fades to a bitter night air. We all know that winter. Stumble slipping to slumber. And I've torn out my final pages so those words I'll never have to hear. Those words I'll never ever have to hear again. You made me a fucking hero.
    Fucking Hero  -  126,788 plays
    Hello, I'd like for us to talk, but right now is not such a great time.
    Maybe when it's more convenient for me and I get something out of it.
    We'll start off slow, maybe rides to work, that's all I can take for now.
    It's hard to please everyone, alright?
    I promise.
    A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction  -  103,976 plays
    Waving your goodbyes with your plastic hands and century-old arctic kisses. And not a finger lifts till it all turns to shit and you all act like you're impressed. You slouch now even further down as you're wondering how a top floor could replace the heaven you once saw so well. We've built it all we've made our gods now we're locked in ourselves. Yeah! An airbag could save my life, when my lungs collapse from methane gas of melting ice caps, if it was airtight and not uptight. So laugh yourself red cause in the end I know you'll choke (if it was airtight: I know you'd choke).
    And You're Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven  -  101,988 plays
    The sunny sky carries me to the next area of travel. Sarasota is in the mix. Listening to breezes and trees and instant messages. I begin to understand Orlando. It will do. Turn this back a notch. Shot of scotch. Brilliance in being. Handwriting starts to smell like saturated fats and penguins once again. Those little bastards eat at my picnic. Why am I thinking of this right now? I need to make a collect call. It will do. It will do.
    A Little Change Could Go a Long Ways  -  76,075 plays
    Quick! Set your traps: burn your stakes: throw your stones. We wanna feel safe. And the mice will gnaw right through. Board the windows: caulk the cracks: seal the doors cause there's a draft. The horrid air's out to get me. Please shine your spotlights:
    hit the brightlights: lay off the brakes we need to breathe... such short spurts: shor: t short: spurts. Inhale: exhale needles/tubes/blips/white/starched/ticks all itching to get in.
    Quick for god's sake cut out the lights. They'll know I'm here. They'll know and gnaw right through.
    Maybe They'll Gnaw Right Through  -  73,028 plays
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