Cinder Road

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CINDER ROAD knows how to push the right buttons and tug on the heartstrings to win over the masses. Playing their radio friendly collection of songs equally matched by their charismatic chemistry, this band merges old school rock sensibility with a modern, pop metal approach — underscored by a unique flavor of attitude and presence reminiscent of the 80s arena rock era.


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    I remember when you told me
    You? d never give up
    I took for granted all the times you
    Gave me your love
    Now it's over and you're saying
    Should've Known Better  -  37,227 plays
    I hear you been coming around
    I feel you just by the sound
    I want you just like a pill
    I feed you, need to just for the thrill
    Come undo me
    Get In Get Out  -  29,988 plays
    Oh, I don't know why I did what I did
    Was it worse or for better?
    Somehow I got caught in a lie
    That I couldn't deny, I'll regret it forever
    Goodbye to all that I've known
    I'm So Sorry  -  17,579 plays
    When I left, it was starting to rain
    She was still fast asleep
    A dream and a song away
    I got on the plane to L.A.
    I know it's heartbreaking
    Back Home To You  -  15,886 plays
    Down, you always know where to go
    To get into trouble but it's always
    A double edged sword with you and me
    But you never seem to care
    ? Cause your satisfaction comes from watching
    Bad Excuse  -  12,127 plays
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