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1. A straight edge hardcore band


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    You won't be my guiding light in this world gone mad
    I don't need fairy tales to lean on
    You manipulate the mind that still has to learn
    Replace their thoughts with bullshit
    Deception burns
    Anchor  -  22,971 plays
    Deceitful is all you've been tear away at the false uncaring skins a corporation with bloody hands is what lays underneath the lies you sold
    The lies you told
    The blind leading the blind in a war against non existent enemies all the while you hide under your greed soaked camouflage your corporate camouflage now you walk a separate path
    Now you're the puppet, you're one of them, I see your strings
    Underneath  -  18,895 plays
  3. Afraid of Life  -  19,251 plays
    Somewhere along this line we were stripped of identity, creativity developed this sheep mentality of following everything cultureless we are entertained by senseless sitcoms and infomercials
    It angers me to see a nation reduced to a full scale game of follow the leader
    They have us fooled reaching for the amerikkkan dream
    Trapped in the 9-5 it's like swimming upstream
    Do as they tell you forethought is bound to fail
    Content With Dying  -  18,776 plays
    Enough of these pre-school politics finger pointing generalizing
    You are not the savior; you are not the warrior gagging on your ignorance
    You couldnt figure out life if you had a map
    Yet you're so quick with your worthless facts enlightened by some holy vision
    She tries to explain and you refuse to hear her now the state owns her rights
    Not a Solution  -  16,784 plays
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