Chen and the Hoax



In the summer of 2009, fresh from his first year in college. Marcus Chen, along with some of his long time collaborators and friends such as Lionel Williams (Vinyl Williams) and Craig Murray (YYBS), set out to create "Scholars". A five song instrumental album. Chen and the Hoax was formed on the idea of taking simple sounds and progressions to make the expansive sound fields that are featured in songs like Whales and Epicenter. Based on the original foundation of collaboration, Chen and the Hoax went into the studio on a short trip back home to Salt Lake City, UT and took form as a duo. With long time friend, Zephan Hwang, Marcus took the expansive sound scapes found in "Scholars" and added vocals and lyrics to enhance the listening experience and more importantly, convey an emotion and capture a moment in time, resulting in the creation of a new single. The single, Finger Trap, places the listener in the middle of the southern Utah desert and in the middle of a summer love affair, contrasting the idea of solitude and the society of a good, honest woman. Both conceptually and sonically simple, Finger Trap finds room to be Chen and the Hoax's most accessible and progressive release.

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