Chaos Days


Chaos Days formed early 2005ish with a pop punk/hardcore influenced sound and released a handfull of homemade demos and jumped on whatever shows people would let em. In mid 2006 they released there first 7inch on Zone 6 records. After a host of lineup changes and a few tours later they released 'Under The Weather' In 2008 on AllAboard. A five Track EP with hooks a plenty, i think you'd all agree. No stranger to a constant member issues they ploughed on, did some shows here and there and somehow scraped together a split and tour with All Or Nothing in Late 2009 also on AllAboard. Did i mention half of All Or Nothing played there set. Chaos Or Nothing, All Or Chaos, Nothing Days? Whatever... Feeling beat after playing to 3 people every night and feeling somewhat like the fun had somehow been lost years ago the band split officially in March 2010. Whats the point in being in a band if youre not in it with your mates? Unless youre so deluded that you would be in a band with people you hated because you thought you could make money out of a crumbling music industry! ha, i bet these people exist... Peace and love

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