Callupsie formed in July of 2005 when Aaron and Elizabeth started playing music together in an apartment on Riverside Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This apartment could not second as a practice space for too long, so they decided to rent out a basement space in Midtown. Callupsie took shape in that very basement. Many bottles of cheap champagne later, the two took their music to a local house party. The show was a success and the band was happy for the moment. Being a guitar and drum duo had its ups and downs, so the only logical way to better fill sound and make the songs more interesting was to add one more member. In January, Liz and Aaron asked T. Clay Welch, a friend and local jazz guitarist, to join up. He agreed to join in on a practice. During that practice, the duo became a trio and they couldn't have anticipated the sound they had just created. Taking from various influences such as Harry Nillsson, My Bloody Valentine, Django Reinhardt, Big Bill Broonzy, Blonde Redhead, and Elliott Smith, the band created an ecclectic blend of thoughtful composition/hard hitting pop sensibilities. Callupsie finished recording their debut EP, entitled "Sugar and Liquor", in July of 2006. The album was recorded by Stephen Egerton of the Descendents at Armstrong Recording (Tulsa). In a single day, five solid tracks were laid down. Callupsie is planning on re-releasing the EP along with a few old favorites and a new track on Little Mafia Records. At the end of July, Clay decided to persue his jazz career full time and left the band. Many tears were shed and he will be greatly missed. Meanwhile, Aaron and Liz asked Sam to join the group on bass. Sam is a sweetheart and one hell of a bassist with a creative mind to boot. Adding the bass will help usher in a whole new sound and structure for Callupsie. The sonic sound scapes will change, but the style and inspiration will never leave. Keep a look out for Callupsie records at Under the Mooch here in Tulsa. Also, make sure to check out around late August. We will offer our albums and merch online. Thanks to you, we will continue to grow and learn.

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