Cactus Jumper



Cactus Jumper is a Russian stonerrock band from Moscow. The group was founded in early 2007 by Stas, guitar player/vocalist and song writer. As he was listening to drum playing performance of whatever drummers were available, Stas made an unexpected acquaintance with Pall2s, bass performer, who was performing on the same base as that, where Stas tried the prospective drummers for the new group. Pall2s liked what he heard and offered to join the under-shaping group as bass performer. Eventually, with no fitting drummer found at all, it was decided to temporarily employ I.F. Krusenstern, drummer and a pal of Pall2s, for demo record making. This way, the group started to work with songs selected for the would-be demo. After 7 rehearsals, it was decided to make the record. The demo record was made as “live”, except for the vocal part. The latter was recorded separately. Currently, the group is working at new material for recording a full-pledged album. Debut two-song single "Right Way" wa recorded in May 2008.

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