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Trevor George Smith Jr. (born May 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York), better known by his stage name Busta Rhymes, is an American rapper and actor signed to Universal Motown. He began his rap career in the group Leaders of the New School, and according to Songfacts had his breakout moment when they featured on A Tribe Called Quest's hit, Scenario. Busta then released his debut album, The Coming, in 1996. He has since released 1997's When Disaster Strikes, 1998's E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, 2000's Anarchy 2001's Genesis, 2002's It Ain't Safe No More, 2006's The Big Bang and 2009's Back on My B.S. His ninth studio album, The Chemo, will be released early 2010 and is said to be 80% completed.


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    Yea. Check it out, see
    The only thing you need to do right here is,
    Is nod your fuckin head
    Yeah, yeah
    Break ya fuckin neck bitches
    Break Ya Neck  -  1,058,800 plays
    As a shorty, playing in the front yard of the crib
    I fell down, and I bumped my head
    Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head
    I said Yeah
    Gimme Some More  -  577,545 plays
    Ahh yeah, Flipmode
    Here we come
    'Bout to bust and explode
    'Flipmode, Busta Bus
    Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See  -  391,040 plays
    Touch it- bring it - pay it - watch it -
    Turn it - leave it - start - format it"
    -] repeat 6x
    Aiyyo Swizz I don't think they ready for this shit
    Aiyyo let me take they ass back to the club real quick
    Touch It  -  357,522 plays
    Shorty, I know what you need
    I got everything you need
    I promise I ain't gonna hold out either
    I'ma give it all to you, baby
    I Know What You Want  -  355,154 plays
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