Burnt By The Sun

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BURNT BY THE SUN formed in November '99 by longtime friends David Witte (DISCORDANCE AXIS, ex-HUMAN REMAINS, MUNICIPAL WASTE) and John Adubato. The duo began piecing material together and soon after invited former ENDEAVOR vocalist Mike Olender to front the group. Bassist Ted Patterson (who had played with Witte in HUMAN REMAINS) and guitarist Paul Miller (former Human Remains vocalist) joined soon after.


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    Last time I swore it was the last time.
    I'd write these last rites to this last fight.
    By the third time around I'm pretty well versed.
    By the third time it still hurts.
    By the third time I know myself well enough to know
    Forlani  -  30,587 plays
    I'm Staring into the sun, waiting for it to fall down.
    I've collapsed over this madness.
    My hair has been pulled out. I've tried, but to no avail.
    Me is resting. I Finish.
    Words cannot convince the mind when I can't believe my eyes.
    Dracula With Glasses  -  30,972 plays
  3. Inner Station  -  26,155 plays
    Consume. defecate. consume again.
    hollow and empty. consume.
    and this is where we're at.
    running in reverse.
    i'll tell you what you need to be through what you own.
    Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom  -  22,251 plays
  5. Cardiff Giant  -  21,787 plays
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