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Burning Image are an American post-punk band formed in Bakersfield, California in 1982. Burning Image first released a 7" single with the songs "The Final Conflict" and "Burning Image, Burning" in the summer of 1984. The compilation 1983-1987 in 2004 and album Fantasma (2009) were both released on Alternative Tentacles, the record label of former Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra.


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    What happens when we just stop caring?
    What happens when we start to feel the same?
    The big surprise, you've joined the masses
    You look around, there's no one left to blame
    Time is Running Out, Times are changing
    Time Is Running Out  -  8,904 plays
    It's cold and dark in this desolate world
    It crumbles before my eyes
    Last destruction by the know it all's
    And now the end is near
    Lead us all, lead us all into The Final Conflict
    The Final Conflict  -  7,518 plays
  3. Burning Image, Burning  -  6,071 plays
    Somebody give me a reason why these people live the way they do
    They're all forced to watch the failures of their lives
    They do everything that they're told as long as they're left alone
    But they all seem so happy with their hands tied behind their backs
    I can't understand why they care so little for each other
    The Lower Walks  -  5,737 plays
    I can't decide for myself
    No one gave me courage when I tried
    I don't see a reason for my life
    Who will know the difference when I die?
    I don't have to worry, of things I heard today
    Shadows  -  6,673 plays
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