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Buried Inside

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  1. IV - (6:07)  -  1,793 plays
    Let loose the clockwork dogs. Pathological believers, faithful servants. Reduced to servomechanisms with lock-step discipline and knee-jerk obedience. Reduced to time-reckoners with Newtonian mechanics and a Promethean mandate. Polishing and decorating each ideological cage. Notch by notch, hammer by hammer, escape from freedom. Prognosis: ideologies are habits of thought that defy thought and enable people to avoid thought. Airborne contagions, communicable plagues, towing the weary down river like rudderless wrecks, and we are all sick with them.
    Time As Ideology - (3:14)  -  1,064 plays
    The calendar year is an imperial narrative. The seven-day week is an imperial infliction. Circannual holidays are imperial flag-posts. Mechanical time is an imperial installation. The merchant workday is an imperial offering. Greenwich MeanTime is an imperial sanction. The looming weight, uniformly imposed; as albatross and as anchor. The new time-imperialists will get their way with those left: the rural, the feral, the frail. Feed them a thread, that leads to a string. They'll follow the string, until it leads to a rope, and from that rope every vestige of what was will be hung by the neck.
    Time As Imperialism - (4:24)  -  1,044 plays
    Time As Methodology - (2:23)  -  955 plays
    Introduction - (2:51)  -  894 plays
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