Bunny Wailer

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stage name for 3-time Grammy Award winner, singer, percussionist and devoted Rastafarian Neville Livingston (⋆ 10 April 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica), known for the reggae classic Dreamland. He is founding member of reggae group The Wailers with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Bunny, Marley's step brother, toured with the band in England and USA after the success with the 1973 albums Catch A Fire and Burnin', but meant it was against Rastafari to perform for almost only white people and left Wailers 1973. He then made a number of solo reggae albums. Blackheart Man (1976) is a good example of his religious roots reggae, and Rock 'n' Groove (1981) of solid uptempo Sly & Robbie based reggae. He started to tour internationally again and is regarded as one of the most important reggae artists ever. Bunny Wailer has won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 1991, 1995 and 1997.


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    There's a land that I have heard about
    So far across the sea (repeat)
    To have you all, my dreamland
    Would be like heaven to me (repeat)
    We'll get our breakfast from the tree
    Dream Land  -  117,213 plays
    Battering down sentence, fighting against convictions
    Battering down sentence, fighting against convictions
    I find myself growing in an environment
    Where finding food is just as hard as paying the rent
    In trodding these roads of trials and tribulations
    Fighting Against Conviction  -  93,066 plays
  3. Blackheart Man  -  95,339 plays
    Them kill Limumba for his own-a-rights
    But them can't kill the Rasta Man at all, 'tall, 'tall
    Them can't kill the Rasta Man at all
    That's the strangest man I've seen
    (That's because he's a Rasta Man)
    Rastaman  -  70,994 plays
  5. Bide Up  -  64,334 plays
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