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Buddahead’s Ashes, the trio’s second album, is at its heart the chronicle of a musical, geographical and emotional journey that frontman and songwriter Raman Kia found himself on, a thinly veiled life story that is as incendiary as it is cathartic. Look for Ashes to hit the street and Internet on June 17.


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  1. Standing Still  -  6,244 plays
    Don't you know that I cried in silence
    I was too afraid to be saved by the hands that held me
    I waited without hope
    Without you I lose myself
    I find it hard in cheap hotel, with bleary eyes
    When I Fall  -  3,704 plays
    I've been trying to walk out of my past.
    Left behind I'm always the last.
    I think it's time to let go of this fear
    And try to find a way out of here.
    I've got to clear out my head from this mess.
    Holding Me Back  -  3,629 plays
    The words you said to me and your promises to stay
    Were beautiful and I somehow believed
    It hurts, the way you play
    You stone me to see if I can break in two easily
    I'm in chains and you don't see
    Invisible  -  976 plays
    If I was older I wouldn't stand there and let you waste it.
    Now that it's over I should've tried harder but couldn't face it.
    I've let go of bygones but still you throw them all back in my face.
    I need some time to turn away.
    I don't mean to hurt you
    Turn Away  -  992 plays
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