Body Count

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Body Count is a crossover thrash/rap metal band from the United States, best known for being fronted by Ice-T and causing a furor with the release of "Cop Killer" from their debut album, Body Count.


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    Body Count, Body Count.
    Body Count, Body Count. (YEAH MUTHA FUCKAAAAAA!)
    Body Count, Body Count.
    Body Count, Body Count.
    Body Count, Body Count.
    Body Count's in the House  -  104,444 plays
    You know sometimes I sit at home, you know,
    and I watch T.V. and I wonder what it would be like
    to live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show,
    Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where
    cops come and got your cat outta the tree
    Body Count  -  89,893 plays
    Yo Moose, stop the car right here.
    Alright, give it here, give it here.
    No man let me do it, cool ice.
    Stay in the car man, stay in the car. Stay in the car.
    Uh, hi officers, um, we had a flat tire back there.
    Smoked Pork  -  68,639 plays
    Aw yeah, what's up out there? BC's in the house. Right
    about now, I wanna tell you a little love story, you know
    what I'm sayin', this is a Body Count love story check out
    when we went down South last year on tour.
    Out on tour yo, I been all around the world
    KKK Bitch  -  92,839 plays
    There goes the neighborhood.
    Here come them fuckin' niggas
    with their fancy cars.
    Who gave them fuckin' niggas
    those rock guitars?
    There Goes the Neighborhood  -  72,595 plays
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