Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain is a band formed in 1991 in Oxford, Mississippi (USA) by husband and wife duo Cary Hudson (guitar and vocals) and Laurie Stirratt (bass and harmony vocals),who is notably the twin sister of John Stirratt, the bass player for the like-minded Americana band Wilco. After the dissolution of their former Los Angeles band, The Hilltops, the couple relocated to Oxford and, joined by drummer Matt Brennan, began gigging and recording roots rock. With this line-up, the band released their first self titled album on their own 4-Barrel Records in 1993. The band was signed by the independent Roadrunner Records label and released their second album, Dog Days, with new drummer Frank Coutch in 1995. The album was comprised of many songs from their first eponymous release and garnered the band a fair amount of critical and commercial success in alt-country circles, featuring the band's best-known song, "Blue Canoe." Two more albums followed on Roadrunner Records, Home Grown in 1997, and Tales of a Traveler in 1999. An album of all public-domain roots covers, simply titled Roots followed in 2001, before their final 'farewell' live release, Tonight It's Now or Never in 2002. Blue Mountain is widely revered for their high energy live shows, which showcase Hudson's talents on his favorite instrument, a classic Gibson Les Paul. Stirrat's bass lines and harmony vocals and Croutch's intense drum work round out this very gifted band. Blue Mountain is rightly considered one of the pioneering groups of the alt-country movement which took hold in the mid-1990s and is still going stong today. Their songs "Let's Go Running", "Big Black River", "Wink", and "Jimmy Carter" are bona fide classics of Americana music.


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    Ridin' round the county drinkin' from a jar
    Big blue canoe up on top of the car
    Hop in darlin' don't be a stranger
    Sit back and relax cause we ain't in no danger-er
    Well, Bugaloosa spells trouble to me
    Blue Canoe  -  29,953 plays
    Does anyone remember, does anybody care,
    the days we danced together with feathers in our hair.
    Rivers ran together, to sing a crystal tune,
    stones skipped on the water, circles around the moon.
    Oooh hey yea yea- when the full moon shines
    Mountain Girl  -  19,625 plays
    She used to be my soul sister. Best friend I ever had, till my mind got twisted all around. Now shes gone and I miss her. Some nights so bad. I'm hoping that she'll come back around.
    First time that I saw her was the summer I turned 14. She was sitting on the hood of a car, at the drive in show. I saw a tear roll down her face, as she gazed up at the screen. And her black hair in the wind began to blow.
    Shine on soul sister. She's my only bright light in this town. She's my soul sister, and I'm hoping that she'll come back around.
    The last time that I saw here was through the bottom of a glass. I was struggling to hold my head up off the floor. I called her name out once or twice, but she moved just a little too fast, and she walked out of my life and slammed the door.
    Soul Sister  -  19,144 plays
    When I woke up today, I was feeling ok. But my mind started turning as breakfast was burning. My soul slipped away to a red evening sky, and a lovers sweet sigh, in the wink of an eye. In the wink of an eye.
    Just try not to think, cause it will drive you to drink. But I cannot forget the all the things that you said while when were high. I was flying too high, hung out to dry, in the wink of an eye.
    What more can I say, why should I even try. After reading your letter, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, or just say goodbye, just say goodbye. With a wink in my eye.
    La la lalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalala
    Wink  -  12,858 plays
  5. Bloody 98  -  11,766 plays
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