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There are three artists by the name of Bile:


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    Pretty boy with a gun, bang- bang, fun- fun.
    Pretty girl with a knife, watch your back it's your wife!
    Heroin, load my gun, shoot- shoot, fun- fun.
    Pretty girl on ecstasy, now she wants to fuck me.
    We are the dead,
    In League  -  35,480 plays
    I am
    The living dead
    I see
    In infra-red
    I take
    I Reject  -  32,009 plays
    She's out slummin' for another fix, down on her knees giving last licks. She's got senior rights, don't show her age, her hair's
    Blacker than BETTY PAGE. Rubber skin so sharp it cuts, she's the rubber lover to all the sluts. Glory holes in sleazy walls, R.H.Bear
    Cruises mens' room stalls. She's got the love, she's got the rage, a digital bitch you can't upstage. Bound and shagged inside her
    Cage, her hair's blacker than BETTY PAGE. She loves to love the love you hold, she does it hot but oh so cold. Puss-bone white,
    Super tight, she's triple-X by candlelight. WEEDA- WEEDA- WADDA- HOODA- HOODA- HA, don't need no lube she likes it raw.
    Betty Page  -  14,794 plays
    You'll never let me, you'll never get me, you'll never get me away. Don't ever want me, don't ever love me, I'll just push you
    Away. When you plunge through me with your thinning blade, I get so turned on, about being slayed. Forever hot bitch, hot sex,
    She burns with SEX REFLEX. You'll never never try me, or multiply me, I'll make you cut away. You'll just go by me, won't satisfy
    Me, I'll just push you out of the way. When you plunge through me with your thinning blade, I get so turned on, about being
    Slayed. It's not the way you love me, hot bitch, hot sex, she burns with SEX REFLEX. Hot bitch, hot sex, she burns with SEX
    Sex Reflex  -  16,062 plays
  5. Tourniquet  -  9,550 plays
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