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Benjamin Scott Folds (born September 12, 1966, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is an American singer-songwriter. He is widely known for his prowess as a pianist. Ben Folds' musical career started to get off the ground in the late '80s, as bassist for band Majosha, after playing bass and piano at Pinehurst, in a group known as the "Caroliners" with cohort Millard Powers in 1985-1987; he also played drums as a session musician in Nashville. As well as appearing in Pots & Pans - now known as the Snuzz demo, as a pianist in Britt Harper Uzzell's (aka Snuzz) band. Folds is best known for his later work as the frontman and pianist of Ben Folds Five and as a solo artist. Folds's compositional and playing technique remain wholly unique, combining elements of the typical 'singer/songwriter' genre, jazz, and power rock. Indeed, his music is evocative of artists such as Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren, and Sir Elton John, with an added edge and bold infusion of energy and wit. Although his music has no distinctive genre with which it is associated, the terms piano rock and indie are often used to describe his unique style. It is worth noting that popular, piano-centric artists such as trio-based Keane and solo artist Matt Hales, a.k.a. Aqualung, began their rise to popularity after Ben Folds' three-member band, Ben Folds Five, broke up in 2000. The other two members of Ben Folds Five were Robert Sledge (bass) and Darren Jessee (drums).


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    I don't get many things right the first time
    In fact, I am told that a lot
    Now I know all the wrong turns
    The stumbles and falls brought me here
    And where was I before the day
    The Luckiest  -  1,174,986 plays
    Good morning, son.
    I am a bird
    Wearing a brown polyester shirt
    You want a coke?
    Maybe some fries?
    Still Fighting It  -  786,109 plays
    Sara spelled without an 'h' was getting bored
    On a Peavey amp in 1984
    While Zak without a 'c' tried out some new guitars
    Playing Sara-with-no-h's favourite song
    (La da da da, la da da, la da da)
    Zak And Sara  -  789,608 plays
    And so
    Annie waits, Annie waits, Annie waits
    For a call
    From a friend
    The same
    Annie Waits  -  732,859 plays
    Let me tell y'all what it's like
    Being male, middle-class and white
    It's a btch, if you don't believe
    Listen up to my new CD
    Rockin' The Suburbs  -  691,117 plays
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