Before Braille

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This band formed in 1999 in Mesa, AZ, when lead singer David Jensen and guitarist Hans Ringger started an acoustic project. Both had attended high school together and then did some traveling before hooking up again. Citing Fugazi and the DIY ethos as major influences, Before Braille slowly began composing songs, adding bass player Brandon Smith, drummer Kelly Reed and guitar virtuoso Rajiv Patel. In the years since 1999, other band members have entered and left the group including Braden McCall (guitar: '99-'01), Dustin Carson (drums: '99-01), Brandon Buckmiester (guitar: '03-'06), and Doug Fielding (bass: '05-'06).


Top Songs

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    Just a little bit of feeling in your stories and I'm ready rearing to go
    Just a little bit of grieving in the words you relate and I'm alright
    Crash land, insist, can't exist on frailty
    I always crash land, resist, exaggerated authority
    Just a little bit of bleeding in your stories
    A Cinema Spine  -  7,032 plays
    You're full of spite and I know the reason why
    Your alibi will never hold up to mine
    Standing up when paralyzed
    Pull the cloak over your eyes
    It aint enough to be a mountain tall
    Goodnight Quiet Noise  -  6,555 plays
  3. Venom By Memory  -  2,715 plays
    Confidence, coming clean, ambivalent to everything
    24 minus 18, find a problem for everything
    Don't try to tell me what I mean
    Don't try to build yourself from the outside
    Don't try to make yourself; you'll break every time
    Twenty Four Minus Eighteen  -  2,147 plays
    why can't i get a rhythm?
    am i working hard enough?
    bound by the laws i'm given.
    better keep moving or i'll never catch up!
    how will i find that rhythm
    Proventil  -  2,284 plays
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