B.A. Robertson

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Brian Alexander Robertson was born 12 September, 1956, in Glasgow, Scotland. He is an award-winning songwriter and actor who also appeared in the pop charts with such songs as Bang Bang and Knocked It Off in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


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    The straight jacket of true love's fine bang, bang
    If you're Houdini in your spare time bang, bang
    Lord Nel and Lady Hamilton they fought for love
    When he come home from the war he gave her what for love
    The mighty fall when love has called
    Bang Bang  -  13,202 plays
    Now I'm a little shy
    I like to stay homeo
    Shakespear's my guy
    Julie and Romeo
    Now I have found a girl so dear
    To Be or Not to Be  -  3,012 plays
    He knocked it off, knocked it off
    He knocked it off, knocked it off
    Some of us have talent, some of us just haven't
    Some are super sensitive like Mr Spock
    Chose my vocation, … application
    Knocked It Off  -  2,108 plays
  4. We Have A Dream (Live Version)  -  765 plays
  5. Kool In The Kaftan  -  1,394 plays
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