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Ayreon is a progressive metal project started by Dutch composer and musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen in 1995. Based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Ayreon's musical style derives mostly from heavy metal and progressive rock, but combines them with genres like folk, classical and electronica. The majority of Ayreon's albums are dubbed a "rock opera" with an ongoing science fiction storyline featuring a host of characters, usually with each one being represented by a unique vocalist.


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    (Agony) I am pain
    I am real. I'm not a dream
    I'm the chain around your neck as you scream
    Surrender now
    You can't beat death at his ruthless game
    Day Three: Pain  -  524,108 plays
    [Me] I can't move, I can't feel my body
    I don't remember anything
    What place is this... how did I get here?
    I don't understand, what's happening... Am I alone?
    [Fear] You've been deserted, everyone has left you
    Day Two: Isolation  -  473,540 plays
    (Best Friend) Did he open up his eyes?
    Did he try to touch my hand
    Or is my mind playing tricks on me...
    Do you think he hears us cry?
    Does he understand
    Day One: Vigil  -  381,659 plays
    Look at you, lying there, defenceless and alone
    See I am no fool, I always knew you wouldn't make it on your own
    Cos you're just like your mother, well, where is she now?
    You'll end up like her soon, 6 feet under ground, loser!
    I came here to watch you bleed, oh how I love to gloat
    Day Sixteen: Loser  -  458,299 plays
    (Me) Friday night, I had a few
    There she was, out of the blue
    Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
    I couldn't move, couldn't talk... anymore
    (Love) Of all these guys it's you she desires
    Day Eleven: Love  -  525,529 plays
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