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The Au Pairs were a post-punk band who formed in Birmingham, UK in 1979. Musically they were very similar to bands such as Ludus, Gang of Four and Delta 5. That is, the rhythm section was tight and funky (obvious influences were James Brown and Funkadelic), but the guitars were light and "scratchy" (like Subway Sect). All these bands shared a strongly left wing social outlook, but the Au Pairs stood out due to their frontwoman, Lesley Woods, being an outspoken feminist and lesbian: the band were greatly influential in this respect on the riot grrrl movement a decade later. Music historian Gillian G. Gaar noted in her history of women in rock that the band mingled male and female musicians in a revolutionary collaborative way as part of its outspoken explorations of sexual politics.


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  1. It's Obvious  -  100,245 plays
    I don't mind if you want to sleep on your own
    I don't mind if you want to bring somebody home
    to spend the night
    I don't mind your casual affairs
    your one-night stands because I know I'm the main man in your life
    We're So Cool  -  74,268 plays
    Got a bad taste in my mouth / got a heavy heart - won't go away
    Can't remember much about last night / but I'm trying to regain
    a little self-control today
    I got out of my head last night
    They are coming amongst and in between us
    Headache For Michelle  -  51,279 plays
    A touch a glance it's a slow dance - it's a classified romance
    Purpose, lust and charm - dance to an old refrain
    (I love you)
    Mutual attachment - semi detachment
    - rinse out the dream - in the washing machine
    Love Song  -  49,415 plays
    You're one of those / who changed the rules
    You brought in new rules / which you obey
    And coping, coping, coping - or nearly anyway
    But is it real? Are you feeling it?
    You behave like a model / For others to follow -
    Come Again  -  44,303 plays
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