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Assück was a grindcore band from St. Petersburg, Florida, who existed from 1987 to 1998. Their discography consists of two full-length albums (Misery Index and Anticapital), as well as numerous 7" EPs, split 7" records, and various compilation tracks. Often considered one of the most important North American grindcore bands - which still has a strong cult following - Assück were sometimes described as an example of "hardcore kids playing death metal", and they certainly lived up to such a title with their incredibly technical drumming, down-tuned guitars, and gruff vocals. But Assück never had guitar solos, unlike most death metal around that time, and their more poetic, existential, and vaguely-political lyrics were delivered in a unique, carefully measured rhythm.


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    Let this stand as a monument to my abandonment and submission to the clutches of consumption. A penance of control for the iniquity of breath. It is irrefutable that we become apostle to mechanism. It is design that orchestrates the perpetuity of tyranny and doctrine of drudgery and toil. Talon of dominion, skewer of empire, as certain as the blackening of another tomorrow.
    Talon Of Dominion  -  42,421 plays
    there is prostitution in everything wrought under the sun. there is agenda that will bastardize and besiege us all. Within the in equation of ambition and subsistence file the sum less lines of the mortgaged. an annexation to the droning. insomniatic servitude to an infinity of misery
    Salt Mine  -  49,961 plays
    time does nothing but work against me. I wake alone and walk alone between the walls that insecurity has built around me. forced into circuits, into circles, into cycles. I find all my refuge in corners. it''s the only place where things meet
    Corners  -  46,968 plays
    I've never wanted to admit the absolute and to its no absolution. That with much knowledge comes much anguish. That privity becomes pandora's plague. It is the iodine that that indelibly stains. It is a lupus that disseminates and infects out being form the day we are born. Never will I sleep again until I've plundered every chapter and ripped out every page. I will slash and burn and salt the earth earth so that nothing will grow.
    Dataclast  -  44,870 plays
    The longest battle I'll never win. A scripture versed in the waning words of an already dead language. A vanity bearing unbearable exhaustion that prunes the heart and discolors the soul. My worst enemy from which there is nowhere to run. The unabated decimation of self. Mine is sole witness to this never again.
    Blight Of Element  -  41,821 plays
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