Forged in the frozen wastelands of Winnipeg MB, Asado brings forth a brand of ripping fast melodic punkrock that is uniquely their own. Armed with a punishing rhythm section and a remarkably tight twin guitar attack, frontman RJ Daniels creates inspiring vocals that deliver the songs to their full potential. With influences such as Lagwagon, Choke, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and Propagandhi, Asado's sound could be described as having an early nineties punk foundation, with a touch of metal aggression and a technical approach to songwriting. After countless shows and way too many beers, the band has quickly developed an explosive live performance that would even satisfy the cross armed guy at the back of the room. Their self-titled debut album sold 200 copies in the first month of its release, and was recently picked up by Japan's Bells on Records. With a Canadian tour planned for fall 2008 and new songs on the way, one thing is certain; Asado isn't slowing both ambition and music alike.

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