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Over the last half-decade, Baltimore, Maryland’s home-grown rock band, American Diary has found their way into the CD players and iPods of fans across the globe.


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  1. The Crush  -  21,586 plays
    My attention span is short but I don?
    t remember why, these bright lights wake me up from
    the coma I fell in last night I made friends with Bacardi
    and woke up with lips locked to girlfriends of best friends I? m sorry
    Hello goodnight, I? m cornered by this consequence a breath of life
    Life With Out Living  -  12,194 plays
    Hey babe do you remember holding your breath on that cold November
    day A gift that I left you fog reveals that last thing that I said
    Oh oh
    Hey baby do you remember the rain and the breeze
    and the leave of amber days spent the winter was a decade away
    Til Death Do Us Part  -  9,527 plays
    I'll sit back and watch you closely as your heart attack consumes your body, Its kinda funny how you left me for dead she said your like a drug and the more I use the more it kills me and I wont think about you, gotta think about me
    And I wont let it go yeah, yeah. Make my way tomorrows my escape
    Can you feel me in your IV baby tonight?
    I'll relax and watch you closer and your hairs a mess but this is closure Did it hurt to jump out the window I never missed a secret so I know exactly why you did it and when we save forever we meant till this gets old
    And I don't care about you, you never cared about me I'LL GET DRUNK AND BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN
    The Goodbye Celebration  -  14,321 plays
    You got me shaking.
    Got to let me down easy.
    It's too convienient that I'm head over heels for you.
    Just stop a moment and think about the first time I saw you from across the room.
    She said, "Girls like boys who got it all figured out."
    I Love You I Like You  -  13,982 plays
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