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    Sleep in, call out, we go to class but not to pass, wake up to make up lines that etch their words to every seam, you see the thing your missing is, I'm so strung out, I'm so god damn addicted, that I panic to get these words out
    Swing the mic around, you'll feel me in the crowd. Oh my god lets make a point to tear this place down. You cant help, we cant help, we cant help, but get caught up in this madhouse.
    Ive stayed up half a year to compose every breathe and every line, I'm just killing time to tell a story of sleeping rare nights, moonlit street fights, locked in my bedroom with prescriptions to musicians that no doctor recommends. Ill die before I try to live a life thats the slightest bit different
    Heart Attack Pact - (2:59)  -  165 plays
  2. The Crush - (3:37)  -  115 plays
    My attention span is short but I dont remember why, these bright lights wake me up from the coma I fell in last night I made friends with Bacardi and woke up with lips locked to girlfriends of best friends Im sorry
    Hello goodnight, Im cornered by this consequence a breath of life
    Take a chance on the tight rope baby think Im crazy well I just maybe able to save you from life without living
    Im still young, and theres still time to get hopped up and make bad decisions Im living and no Im not the type of person that thinks before I speak my mind dont waste my time cause where Im from we live like were alive, you know I L-O-V-E love to get down
    Take a chance on the tight rope baby think I'm crazy well I just maybe able to save you from life without living, Think Im crazy I Just maybe able to save you from life without living
    Life Without Living - (3:03)  -  139 plays
    Ill sit back and watch you closely as your heart attack consumes your body, It's kinda funny how you left me for dead she said your like a drug and the more I use the more it kills me and I wont think about you, gotta think about me
    And I wont let it go yeah, yeah. Make my way tomorrows my escape
    Can you feel me in your IV baby tonight?
    Ill relax and watch you closer and your hairs a mess but this is closure Did it hurt to jump out the window I never missed a secret so I know exactly why you did it and when we save forever we meant till this gets old
    And I dont care about you, you never cared about me ILL GET DRUNK AND BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN
    The Goodbye Celebration - (3:13)  -  91 plays
    You got me shaking.
    Got to let me down easy.
    It's too convenient that I'm head over heels for you.
    Just stop a moment and think about the first time I saw you from across the room.
    She said, "Girls like boys who got it all figured out."
    I Love You I Like You - (3:27)  -  48 plays
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