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Aldo Nova

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Aldo Nova (born Aldo Caporuscio 13 November 1956) is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and producer from Montreal, Quebec. He released an album Aldo Nova in 1982 which had a two hit singles with "Fantasy" and "Foolin' Yourself".


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    City nights
    Summer breezes makes you feel all right
    Shining brightly make your brain ignite
    See the girls with the dresses so tight
    Fantasy  -  126,304 plays
    How many nights, how many days do I wait here for you
    Have you long forgotten all the things we'd said
    And how many times must I let the phone ring, just to get you
    Could it be that now this love has long gone dead
    No oh No - Thought it hasn't been so long
    Ball And Chain  -  22,969 plays
    let me tell you a story about two kids in the city see they both have a problem with life and it isn't very pretty there's a kid called timmy he use to be pretty witty but then too many rides on the horse got him hooked and it's a pity cause now he's got a monkey he's got a monkey can't fight it monkey on his back he can't deny it monkey he found a dragon that bites a hole in his arm at night where all the monney goes monkey,monkey on his back monkey,monkey on his back a dirty monkey well there's a girl called sally she walks the streets in the city she works down on the corner every night gives her money up to willy you see her man's big willy and when he met her she was pretty but he gave her a habit that she didn't want now that's a pity cause now she's got a monkey she's got a monkey can't fight it monkey she's gotta walk the streets to buy it monkey she found a dragon that bites a hole in her arm at night where all the money goes monkey'monkey on her back monket'monkey on her back a dirty monkey well now listen everybody cause there's a moral to th story clean up your act get the monkey off your back or you'll be sorry keep yourself clean cause the monkey plays mean he'll put a knife in your back then the man in the black will show you a dragon that bites and you'll wind up with a monkey'monkey on your back monkey'monkey on your back monkey'monkey on your back monkey'monkey on your back
    Monkey on Your Back  -  19,160 plays
    I saw you walk down the street with somebody new
    It's funny, people I meet they talk about me and you
    But who's to blame for our being apart, or is it me or is it you
    And whoever say that you're still in my heart
    'Cause now really the best I can do, is say
    Foolin' Yourself  -  19,616 plays
    There's a girl in the street
    You should see the tears in her eyes
    'Cause she weeps, for a man who told her lies
    And the man that she loved
    Left here for somebody new
    Heart To Heart  -  18,177 plays
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