There’s nothing like the moment when you find out your passion can get you paid. In September of 2011, San Francisco’s A-1 was stocking shelves for less than minimum wage, writing songs whenever he could find time. A year earlier he gained an internet buzz with After School Special, a 90′s TV show themed album he had written and recorded while living on a friends couch in New York City. A year later he was back in San Francisco, holding down a day job while working on his follow up mixtape, The Book Of Adam. He put together a release party for the project at a popular local venue in SF, but was unsure if he’d made the jump from having internet fans to physical ones, and was concerned whether enough people would be at the show. But the venue went over capacity, had to lock it’s doors to prevent the fans waiting outside from forcing their way in, and the response was overwhelming. A-1 quit his job the very next day and has been a full time artist ever since.

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